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We’re the Kostecke family and we own Guiding Light Garlic Farm; a garlic farm located in Mason, Michigan. We grow various kinds of garlic and hand-craft (in our on-farm licensed kitchen) a line of small-batch artisanal products such as hand-ground garlic powders, salsa and our number one seller, pesto.

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Our Mission.

To glorify God by being responsible stewards of the land, serving our community and adding flavor to the lives of others. We take great pride in our ability to feed the community. But, we’ll be the first to admit that there’s more to life than garlic. We think it’s important to give back and help those in need so a portion of all proceeds are donated to local churches and shelters.

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Our Products.

We offer a wide-range of garlic goodies including multiple varieties of hardneck and softneck garlic, garlic powders, garlic flakes, pesto and more! The majority of our ingredients we grow ourselves. We also have some garlic merchandise for true garlic lovers like apparel and kitchen tools. 

We’re grateful for the chance to sell our products are many local retail stores as well as here on our website. Interested in carrying our products at your location? We’d love to chat with you. Please email us and we’ll coordinate the details.

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